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 Gojek Bandung address and call centre makes Gojek complaints

The address and Care all Gojack Bunden  in  JL Keir Condon number 372A, Bennam, Cage Batango, Bandung City, West Java 40265. George itself is a company that is part of online streaming services that have spread across several Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, gojack has spread to almost all local towns throughout Java. It is  also widespread in several cities from Mayouk, including the city of Bandung, which is located at the Gojack Bandung address and call  center  .

This gives Gojad a considerable opportunity to spread its wings in this pink city. There are a lot of creative young people participating in products that can be created, and Bandung is also the first witness at the Asia-Africa summit.

As host of the Asia-Africa summit, Bandung has a quite unusual form of urban planning with the monumental city of Geidongsate  . Touch, many Dutch heritage buildings still fill the city of Bandung strongly and are considered a cultural heritage.

Easy access strategy location

It  could provide an opportunity for GoJet as an online transportation company used  to open its  branch in the city of Bandung. The Jek call center is a very easy place to visit you. If you  have a  personal account and  interest or mental disorder, you can actually go to the Go-Jek office.

The  main problem  that often arises not only from  drivers but also from  users is the goods left behind when using the grab service. Of course, it is not all problems when goods are left behind; sometimes when using grabka services, the user takes it for granted.

If you are holding a position as a user, you will contact the Gojek Bandung address and call centre to inquire about the consumer goods  left behind  Generally, the user must wait ahead to make sure that the items left behind are still in the driver’s hands, or the GoJet will no longer be authorized.

If you are interested in becoming a GoJack driver or joining the Gojack family, you can come directly  to the GoJet Bandung address and call centre However, before you go there, viewing social media or GoJet’s official website to find information about spaces to prepare yourself   is for you   Yes, it is.

Make sure  that all your information  must be properly prepared and corrected . After you get  there , you know that there is a file you did not bring So in the future, you have to work twice in the future, and if you’re  well prepared, you’ll get good results.

Interesting features

Go-Jek itself has a lot of features and makes it easier to do it. If you don’t know where now, you won’t be confused about finding a motorcycle taxi or a pickup; you can search with a goaljet.

The Go-Jek application itself has a feature that makes it easier for GoJet drivers to take you according to a pickup ticket.  It  applies to the bark you are containing, not only in the same feature but also in the same features , there are now approximately 20 features you can find there .

The GoJet super app is now available in providing convenience in careers at the GoJet Bandung address and call center. Gorjack Bunden is currently presenting Gofood, Goposa, Gopulsa, Gosend, GoShop, GoSHop and GoPlay.

You’re lazy to go out looking for food or you  don’t have friends to eat, and you just want to eat at home and you can actually do it with Godfood. this n GoFood service There are plenty of delicious  Bunden tables in the case, so there’s no more confusion about your urge to eat your favorites in the GoJet application.

Then there are the facilities that are really useful for those who want to travel everywhere without the hassle of carrying a lot of money because now Go-Jek  because it’s presented to GoPay, which makes it easier to buy goods without spending money. You need to top your GoPay only via Epsom or M-Banking.

Service types in high demand

You can visit the Gojek Bandung address and call  center during your workday. Gojek Bandung office work hours every Monday 08 It is open at 16.00, and the mentioned work hours can be left around, but there is a prayer break for Friday.

On Friday  around 11.00: 13.00 WIB.  Full assistance will be given to those who have nurses or want to join GoJet; this is of paramount importance, particularly for drivers and food stores who want to join GoJet.

There are many shops, food stores, restaurants, coffee shops that want to join GoJet. By joining  GoJet, it provides convenience and Essentially, the presence of Gogock gives entrepreneurs the convenience of cheap promotion.

Some Geojack drivers may have experienced applications or other support related to the driving record. For solutions , you can reach the Golgotha Bandung address and call center directly  . You can  tell us what obstacles you are under .

Goliffe Parter List Service and User

Drivers can not only have problems but also Conan, so similar to the  driving problem, Go-J ek You can also come directly to the Bandung office. You don’t have to be afraid when a problem arises while using the GoJet program yourself.

Goliath is a service from GoJet in the form of a service to look after your body. The GoLife list includes GoClean, GoAuto, GoGlam, GoFix and Go-Daily.

Goliath itself is a household activity that we are often lazy about doing na if you’re the one who compromises, masses, to clean the house. If you are good at mass repairs and wise in fixing cars, if you are someone who wants to shop, you can join the Golifi family.

Here is an explanation of how consumers  and G o-Jek colleagues can solve the problems  they face:  There’s a place to solve your pains, and if you experience the same thing, you can go directly  to the Gojek Bandung address and call center.

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