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Journal of Applications of Recipes of Western Cuisine, meni ki pi popilè

The recipes in Indonesian cuisine are indeed very diverse, there’s even  a newspaper application of recipes for typical West Javanese cuisine that reviews typical menus from West Java. Start from Matthew Prime in recipes that make these menus popular.

Lovers of Indonesian cuisine also just downloaded the application that is even provided for free on the smartphone application. So for those of us who are actually wandering or are outside the island of Java and lacking their specialty, you can do it yourself based on the recipe on the application.

You can try the dish easier because although the recipe is typical of West Java, first subjects are easily found in Indonesia. Especially now that there are many e-commerce sites that sell various needs to people, including raw food subjects.

There are plenty of foods that pack well so there is no need to worry about the possibility of matthew first stirred. So you can tranzak between the cities of the commercial electronic site to get gutter first for the menu in the journal of the javanez reset application.

Typical flavors of West Java in an application

The typical food of residents who use the Sundanese language is truly popular, such as carrots, typical pesmol, rice tutoring and others. Moreover, Matthew Prime is also a type of processed food that produces from Indonesia itself so it is indeed treated native to Indonesia.

These same menus also have a balanced nutritional content, treated in various ways or variations of theirbasic ingredients, owed wonder and wondering if it brings up a varied menu. Along with advancement of technology, all kinds of food menus that used to be recipes known to only a few people, can now be learned.

Even for those of you who don’t live in West Java, you can flavor the typical menu of an application or mobile-based software that is currently very popular and used by various groups. Of course, the existence of this software makes everyone more aware of how to diversify menus of how to make them.

Sometimes by knowing what kind of food features in a region, you don’t realize it, you feel proud to have an Indonesia full of diversity. Having different specialties in each region, you also don’t need to go all the way to the place and can do it yourself at home.

You can find the journal of the West Javanese reset application easily in the Play Store or App Store and can be downloaded for free. You only need to prepare an iOS or Android-based smartphone where the smartphone is often owned by every Indonesian.

Get to know the Savory, Sour, Sweet, Sweet, Spicy Flavors of Pesmol

Each region has menus that are favorites of many people, especially in West Java itself is part of Indonesia that is famous for its gastrointestinal tourism. Of course, it would be a pity if these typical menus haven’t been passed down for generations.

From digital applications, menus indirectly or recipeshave been offered skan for young Indonesia.  The menu feature of  the journal of recipes for West Javanese cuisine is indeed very unique because it usually has a taste of a combination of sour and shot, menus are mostly dominated by fish ingredients.

Although it has a very popular flavor, it turns out how to make it very easy. for example, like pesmol tilapia where you can replace tilapia with other fish, sweet savory and flavored pungent is really appetite and a simple way of doing it.

You only need to prepare ingredients like two medium-sized tilapi that have been thoroughly washed with bad grass, then half a teaspoon of salt, 1 lime and then oil to fry flavor. For fine spice that provides a delicious flavor of pestmol, namely:

  1. 5 close up shallot
  2. 3 dan lay
  3. 3 pieces large or emulated red pepper
  4. 3 cm americin
  5. 2 cm jenjanm
  6. 3 grain beans
  7. 1 teaspoon salt
  8. 2 tablespoons sugar grown
  9. 300 millimeter air
  10. Orange Leaves
  11. Powder powder to taste

The most popular newspaper in western Javanese is all right this pesmol tilapia. So by only frying, you can be creative with fish using a better flavor and not boring flavor. Besides spice feels the good things above, don’t forget to also prepare complementary ingredients such as:

  1. 1 tomato
  2. 10 pwav kayen
  3. Sliced Paths to Taste

How to make it very easy where you only need to grease the clean fish with salt and whitewash and then fry it. While skipping spice feels good with orange leaves until fragrance then adds sugar, salt and powder. Mix well and test the flavor, finally you only need to put green tomato onions and cain fish along with fried fish.

Simple and Delicious Javanese Vegetable Menu

Tidand only fish, there is also a  menu of dishes that you can see through a smartphone application on the recipes of West Javanese cuisine called Carreen. Sangking very popular, this menu is very familiar to gastro lovers. Not only are the main ingredients that use fish, this time the menu can be a complement.

Karedok is a menu that you can find in the journal application of recipes for the West Javanese specialty that is dominated by vegetables. How to make it is also very easy where you only need a few different vegetables but overall it is a combination of:

  1. Weight Thread
  2. Basilicas
  3. konkonb
  4. eggplantasyon laplap
  5. TClean
  6. That
  7. Until

The above ingredients only need to be washed well and then cut or cut according to flavor, then you only need to make a fine season where this seasonal vegetable ingredient is made from beans. For seasoned peanut ingredients, how to make it is also easy where you only need to prepare:

  1. 250 g of oven or fried beans
  2. 300 milliliters hot water
  3. 5 garlic fry for a while
  4. 8 fried short peppers for a while
  5. 2 fried caine peppers for a while
  6. 60 gram amann konbine sik Javanese
  7. 2 small tablespoons of salt
  8. 2 Pate Blocks
  9. 3 cm
  10. 2 lemons to take the water

To pier all the ingredients in the peanut season above, you can use an blender or pure read manually. Then you only need to mix the raw vegetable ingredients that have been chopped, mixed well and served with empty cracks or sea otters. You can also see this recipe in the Journal application of recipes for specialty West Javanese.

Combine Presmol, Cardien and Tutug on Rice

Perhaps you want to enjoy the West Java-style menu of the whole, one of the delicious combinations is pesmol tilapia combined with cardix. Then for rice, you can do rice tutoring. You must prepare rice, onions, garlic, kenkur, pasta shrimp and salt to taste.

You only need to cook on the berries along with other spicesexcept cook until it’s crisp, better the spice and then mix with the spice. after the fine spices are mixed with the strategy then add the hot rice and stir. For more details, you can download the journal of the West Javanese recipe application via smartphone.

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