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 West Java Traditional  House  has unique historical high ornaments

Seeing the architectural model used in the paintings of  western Javanese   traditional houses  , it certainly has a unique design.   Not only special, but interesting to be used as a community habitat.  Speaking of design, of course, the shape of the house dates back to ancient times as an ancient object.

The design of the house has to be adapted from a particular architecture and then modify it into something new  .   The identity of the original house’s living is certainly capable of providing a classic touch  for the residents there.   Until now,  the shape of the house has also been able to fully adapt into modern  architecture  .

However  , have you ever been familiar with all his old homes in the province?    Given that all tribes and regions have distinctive characteristics  , especially the traditional houses of Western Javanese  , it can certainly be popular as an identity.It is a regional pride like this that can be used to have a variety of tastes in a different way  .

We want to have a full discussion of the whole list to serve as a guide to today’s society  .  If you can understand and preserve the culture,  of course the existence of inherited traditions will never disappear.  So  let’s follow the conversation completely so that it adds understanding to everyone to get to know the culture.

West  Java Traditional House’s most complete list  of names

Once you know about the existence of the ancestral heritage house,  there are certainly examples for each area.   There  must be  different  historical objectives and values regarding the naming behind the  shape of the home.   In fact  , it’s not surprising that until now the existence of a house is very unique and is still easy to find  .

The  west Java province is very close and densetous to community culture, so it is still highly respected.   Including a selection  of  Javanese West’s traditional home designs in the interior,  almost all of them still adhere to the traditional structure as a residence.   There are many names embedded in some form of residence in  West Java.

It consists of imah rhino heuay, julang ngapak, boat kumureb, jolopong, and dog togog.   Each name is similar to the word in an animal and has its own meaning according to the design  . You can recognize through photos from the traditional houses of West Java  so it’s easier to see the difference.

In addition to the five most popular   types  of  Western traditional Houses   Javanese, there are certainly other examples that are very old  .  Just in some places if you want to find the type of house because there are so few.    The residents in question are named imah capit scissors, imah kasepuhan, and saung ranggon.

Among the communities, of course, these kinds of traditions are also followed as well as possible in the residential development process  .   Especially in rural areas, it will be easier for you to find all kinds of homes in the region  .  The reason is  that some of his house names tend to be found in some areas according to their traditions.

Original form and design in Residences

After becoming aware of the name of the  Western  Java traditional house  , now is the time to understand the  design in detail.   This  process  will give you perspective when you  need to understand the difference between the names of each house.  This  discussion will begin with the existence of heuay rhinoceros imah which is still frequently found.

Knowing the shape of the house heuay rhinoceros  appears very simple because it is made of wood and wood.    Choosing basic building materials also means that homeowners can take care of their families  .  Type badak heuay belongs to a high-rise residence because the foundation does not directly contact the ground.

Continuing at julang ngapak,  this residence has a very special shape because it is shaped like a bird  .   In the picture  , the julang bird is flying and flapping its wings with a V-shaped image.   For decoration,  it uses a flat stick for various angles and is designed to have legs on the base.

The next specialty  of  the Western Javanese  traditional house  is the kumureb, which is shaped like an inverted triangle.   A special model that owns the shape of the house can be used on the front and back at the same time  .  Because it has four main parts  ,  this residence is multi-faceted according to the needs of the homeowner  .

Imah togog the dog has a two-story roof with a triangular shape and a foot base  .   While imah jolopong is a common house found when you visit the Sundanese area.   Since it is so modern, jolopong is one of the only habitats where the foundation is directly integrated with  ta no.

The nature of every Sundanese Cultural Residence Design

Each home must have some characteristics and philosophies when building a thorough structure.  The prominence of this Western Javanese traditional house must be known in detail as a tradition left behind by ancestors.  As such, at least the form of a home must be understood for purpose and purpose before it begins to build on its theory.

Closely related to its name, the heuay rhinoceros have the meaning of  the rhinoceros that evaporate as a whole form.  On the front of the roof,  you will see the shape of rhinoceros  as a philosophy from ancestors.   Living a philosophy like this will show that the community is very friendly to their guests  .

Imah julang ngapak has a characteristic that residents have a clever way of solving every story  .   Especially in life issues,  homeowners seem to have the ability to mediate  the story.  The shape of the time in its design is also a philosophy in which humans live between the earth and the sky  .

After realizing that the Western  Javanese traditional house was some  name like anya, at least there was a kumureb boat.   According to philosophy, the residence was established with the design of a boat capsizing  on the roof.  Because it has a long triangle,   the house is often considered special and adapted by the community.

The conversation about the imah jolopong, of course, features an open reception to hold conferences.  Then for breeding the dog togog  , its shape resembling a sitting dog shows simplicity  .   Because  of its simple shape  ,  the imah togog dog often combines minimalist modern residential designs  .

History of the Archbishop associated with the Architecture

The conversation about the existence of various forms of residential homes in the West  Java region  is really interesting.   The reason is  , the type of house is very different and has its own meaning to be afamily  home  .   Ancient architecture must have a passion to use so that it can become a comfortable residence  .

Given the understanding that the Western  Javanese   traditional house consists of many different names, it certainly invites curiosity.    Residential  models  from the past  have high historical value because they can become traditional.   Each type of house has a very thick meaning in the value of a person’s life every day  .

Many of the roles and  functions of the residence depend on the category,  in order to be able to adapt to the needs of residents.   The ancient artifacts of the ancestors of the past are also closely related to the traditions of the ancient kingdom  .  When the monarchy was still in power,  the shape of the house was still uniform and almost the same as every resident  .

If you look thoroughly,  the average base is not touched on the ground and gives every foot every angle. The  main purpose of the design is to protect residents from wildlife attacks.  Of course, there is a precious history around thinking in culture  and tradition.

Over time,  this kind of habitat tradition must remain sustainable  and  not disappear.    The  majority of modern societies   are trying to adapt the  design of ethnic homes to a new type of contemporary  model.   In this way, the existence of the most complete Western Javanese traditional house  must remain sustainable until any time.


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